1.Acts 10:25-26, 33-35,44-48
2.John 4:7-10

“Command to Love”
Most of secular music songs more especially in talents exhibition express the feeling of Love. Is that the type of love Jesus is talking of in today’s gospel when he says “As the father has loved me so I have loved you” (Jn15:9), and he says “This is my commandment: love one another.”(John 15:12).
Jesus in this context is talking of a very special kind of love, love that does not think of oneself, but this is the sacrificial love for the sake of the other. In order not to confuse this very special type of love with other types of love, the writers of the New Testament used a very special word to describe the love of Jesus for us and the love of God for us. They said that the love Jesus is telling us in the scripture is agape, the love that does not think of oneself but sacrifices for the sake of the other. Jesus is our model for loving with this sacrificial love, loving others for their benefits without advancing personal self interests. As we celebrate mass, every mass is a celebration of this kind of special love of Jesus giving himself for us on the cross. From this, time to time God reminds us of Jesus giving himself on the cross for our sake.
Love means choose and being chosen, the experience of being chosen by someone can be a welcome one. The one who chooses means he trusts the person he has chosen. For example the experience of good and happy marriage is due to fact that the marriage couple keep on going experience of choosing each other in their marriage life. The heart true friendship is the similar choice people do make. As in marriage the choice must be mutual if the marriage is to last, when the choice is one sided the friendship will not last. This can be best explained in the case of friendship whereby friendship and love exist only on conditions, like sharing some common interests where by each party is benefiting, for example business parteners will find themselves friends because there is a common business concern that is uniting them, removing that concern you will not be able to see love concern among them. The love of Jesus is not all about reciprocation, it is the love that does not seek gratification or interests, it is the disinterested love ( the love that does not seek interests). Jesus in giving his life for us on the cross, Jesus chose us personally; he called each of us friends. The words of the Lord “ I call you friends” keep on resonating during the holy mass when as the community of believers gathers for the breaking of bread ( word of God and the Eucharist). In our own life experiences to choose one means not choosing another. This is not the case with the Lord who is able to choose each of us equally. As Peter says in the first reading “ God does not have favourites”
There is a proverb that goes on like that “Tell me your friend, I will tell who you are”  to have friends is not an issue, the real issue is what kind of friends and friendship do we make? Is our friendship constructive or destructive? Even robbers/thugs also make friendship. The true friendship and love get their existence from virtuous life (good deeds). The true friendship is grounded in the very love of Jesus dying on the cross, Agape.
The mature love has the following qualities
You need somebody because you love him
You are loved because you love,
You need somebody to help you because you love him/her this is what mature love is all about.
Yet we are challenged that there are some people who tend to love because of material utility, such people tend to use others not as the end in themselves but rather as the means to attain their ends ( goals), this in other words in utility friendship. This kind of love is not love Jesus is aging us today. i.e the person is loved because he is of the great need. If there is a need it is when the person is loved, for sure this cannot be said to be love. A true friend is one who love endlessly regardless of his/her friends limitations, and the one who corrects his friends failures.
In making true friendship we dare to express forgiveness to our brothers and sisters. Henry Ward Beecher had this to say about forgiveness “Everybody has to maintain the average height of the grave on which he/she will bury sins of his/her friends.” To forgive is the condition to be forgiven. In our mother African Continent we need to make social and political systems that will be preaching forgiveness instead of hate and hatred.

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