1.Acts 13:13-25
2. John13:16-20

Theme of reflection “God at work
In today’s readings we are told about the line of continuity through Israel’s history right to our time. Jesus being sent by heavenly father reveals the very nature of God. The identity of Jesus is I AM, this identifies Jesus with the eternal divinity. This title I am does not only involve and identify Jesus with the eternal divinity but also it involves him throughout Israel’s history.  God revealed to Moses as mysterious I AM (Ex 3:14). God revealed as the one who will always be with his people. In God is where Israelites found the answers of their questions, their hopes and struggles. That sacred I AM is adopted also by Jesus “that you may believe that I AM” linking himself to the History of Israel and mankind.
While preaching in Pisidian Antioch, Paul reviews some great moments in Israel’s history, by putting special attention to Moses, David, and John the Baptist. The line of continuity extended from Godhead to earth, from Patriarchs and Moses to David, to John the Baptist, and to the one John announced, Jesus. Within this line from God to Jesus many historical events including disruptions had occurred, Israel was persecuted and oppressed in Egypt, entry to the land of promise was delayed for forty years. Entry into the land of promise was delayed, and then it was to be won by conquest. Saul was rejected as King; and by the time Jesus appeared Davidic dynasty had already disappeared from history. This series of ups and downs has been active down the centuries, it was even active during the time of Jesus, as his own disciples betrayed him, and Jesus was rejected by his own people, even in our times this line of continuity still exists. Ups and downs are there in our lives to alert us that God is one in control of everything. God’s ways are not yet known to man. God acts in ways that are never anticipated in advance. By the examples of Paul and Jesus we need to turn to God in prayer so as to discern his will.

From the gospel reading today Jesus is inviting us all to welcome the little ones and who are the little ones? These are the people humble in spirit, marginalized, the displaced people, those people the World does not consider to have any standing and social status. When Jesus told his disciples to welcome children in his name it was important lesson, they were arguing about which of them was most important. But Jesus challenged them that seeking social and maintaining status quo had no place in the kingdom of heaven, what matters in the Kingdom of God is to be the servant of all as Jesus’ ideals was to serve and not to be served. Let make our eyes be fixed on Jesus and attentive to his word so that he may shape our way of thinking, judging and look at things with eyes of faith. 

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