Homily for Pentecoste sunday

Readings: 1.Acts2:1-11
                   3.Gospel15:26-27, 16:12-15

Theme "The holy spirit, the spiritual animation of  Christian life and  calling"

The holy spirit used to be forgotten person of the trinity.This was due to understanding that concrete things are real. The holy spirit had been cast in the role of a third candidate. However, there are several reasons per why we should never forget the role of the holy spirit in the church of  God. The first reason is that the holy spirit has been active even befkfe the foundation of the World, the holy spirit wasn't forgotten by Jesus, this moreover can be attested on various circumstances of Jesus earthly life, like on the eve of his passion he promised to send his spirit to his disciples,the spirit that could be the helper, advocate,counsellor, teacher and a replacement for Christ himself. This is well stated in Johns Gospel when he asserts "Unless I go, the paraclete will not come to you; but if I go I will send him to you" (Jn16:7)

Another reason for seeking the holy spirit is the example of the early Christians.He made such difference in their lives that they could not forget him.Before his advent they were timid and terrified like a child who has been away from his mother.When he ascended upon them like a miraculous confusion of wind, fire and speech, they were utterly transformed.Every decision they made in their communities was  a spirit shaped decision, for example. the choice of seven deacons, the admission of Gentiles to the Church in Jerusalem,the sending of Paul and Barnabas in their first missionary Journey.The role of the holy spirit did not end in decision making at the executive level, but rather the spirit acted at ordinary level through the manifestation of his gifts of prophecy, teaching and healing designed to meet the
needs of an infant church and the needs of God's children everywhere.The gifts of the holy spirit are love, Joy, peace  kindness, patience ,goodness,self control, trustfulness,gentleness, and self control and it is by exercising these gifts that we honour the spirit (Ga5:22). For instance whenever we are loyal to the demanding partner whenever we console both the grieved and bereaved,support and provide the shelter to the homeless and the displaced thus it becomes conviction that the holy spirit is active in us. When we control our negative impulses it means that we allow the holy spirit to act in our lives and thus honouring the presence of spirit in our lives.

How can we Imagine the Holy Spirit?

According to experience, when we look at early and modern church buildings we notes various paintings and decorations of Jesus ,angels and saints being portrayed in the walls of these church buildings.There are also images of figures from old testament such as Abraham and Melchizedek to the front of the altar.Nevertheless, the holy spirit whose feast we celebrate today does not lender himself/herself in that imagery.The tradition image of the holy spirit is dove. This tradition image of the holy spirit has been drawn from the gospel accounts of Jesus'baptism. The holy spirit in this account is portrayed as descended upon Jesus during his baptism in a similar movement a dove could descend. Just as the evangelist does not give a concrete presentation of the holy spirit, thus the holy spirit does not lend himself or herself  to concrete representation because the holy spirit cannot be seen as such yet the Holy spirit is profoundly real.

In the universe there is much profoundly real but not visible to the naked eyes.Thus it is now accepted that what we see with our naked eyes are partial and part of what is real.The holy spirit is the part of spiritual world, it is then clear that we cannot see the holy spirit with ou naked eyes, yet our imagination faculty is so fundamental in making us to understand what exactly the holy spirit is like.In the second reading Paul uses the nature to explain the holy spirit. He talks the fruits of the holy spirit.He is talking of the impact of the holy spirit in our daily life. Paul says whenever we find joy, peace,gentleness, kindness,love, self control and  patience thus the spirit is at work.The spirit will become visible in our life through virtues.The spiritual world in a nutshell is humanity at its best.

We have humanity at its best in today's first reading.On the day of pentecost there was a wonderful communication and communion between the people from all over Roman empire,they were united in hearing their own native languages through disciples preaching.Unity in diversity is the remarkable presence of the holy spirit in the communities of diverse background. Jesus points to us another manifestation of the holy spirit is all about the pursuit of truth.Jesus points clearly that one role of the holy spirit is to lead us to the absolute truth.If we are ever searching for truth,we want to engage ourselves in the search for truth thus it may be concluded that the holy spirit is at work.Full truth is always beyond us, the gospel according to St.John tells us that Jesus declares himself to be truth and he is always beyond us we never possess truth completely.The role of the spirit is to lead us towards complete truth that is ever beyond us.

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