THEME “ Come and see”
As we celebrate this Sunday, we are all called by Jesus as he called his disciples to come and see. We can put this question before us that is why Jesus told his disciples to go and see? The first impression that came to my mind when I read this scriptural passage, i.e Jn 1:35-42 is that Jesus called his disciples to go where he living to see how he lived, he called them to go, to see, learn and get ready to be taught the ideals of the Kingdom of God. Jesus called his disciples to show them where he was staying so that he could teach them Christian Morality.
Jesus called them to give them spiritual formation, he wanted to show them how to be human. How to love, how to be humble, how to listen, how to persevere in all situations was the first school of thought Jesus called his disciples to learn in Nazareth. The school of obedience was the first priority to Jesus as it has been attested in the scripture that he himself obeyed both his disciples and his mother “ he went down with them and came to Nazareth and was obedient to them and Jesus advanced in wisdom and age and favor before God.”( Lk 2:51). His disciples saw also the obedience of Jesus to his mother Mary. We are called to make a sharp distinction between a home and a building. A home is where how to be human is found, it is a place where being man and human can be differentiated. A building where thieves meet can not be called a home, it is just a building. Home is where love, generosity, kindness and all other Christian moralities and virtues can be found. The building is meant for people, while a home is meant for man. We have to bear in mind that people are many but men are very few.
To be real followers of Jesus Christ, we are all invited to have spiritual guidance. Spiritual guidance is the condition needed to make the mission of our Lord Jesus Christ successful. This has been seen and heard from our readings today. From the first reading we heard that Samuel grew up literally in the presence of God as soon as he was weaned his mother took him to Eli, priest of the sanctuary in Shiloh. There he was raised by the priest himself. He assisted daily at the altar; as well he was acquainted with sacred writings. Moreover, he was well versed in religious formation available, yet when the Word of God came to him personally he did not recognize it. Each time God called him, he thought to be called by Eli. He kept on not understanding who was calling him until Eli came into intervention to direct him on what to do, and finally he understood that God was the one calling him and Eli. From this fact we can learn a lesson that God in calling each one of us He uses ordinary means and ordinary people as his instruments to call us. It is under this background that we need the active participation of lay people, catechists, deacons, priests and Bishops in making the church of God to grow.
Likewise, in the gospel, Andrew and John=and other disciple had followed John as the way of preparing for one who is to come. For years they had prepared, fasted and waited for the coming of Messiah. The disciples of Jesus had a divine call to become disciples of Jesus yet, they could not discover what divine providence had in store(mind) for them, until a spiritual director, John the Baptist pointed it to them. Thus there will be always need for priest like, Eli, prophets like John to point out Christ to us, to discern what God is saying to us in our lives as individuals and as people.

Thus we are all invited to have spiritual direction for through this practice we may discern the will of God in regarding to what direction we should take in our lives. Professional counsellors are not enough to carry on this task of guiding people, in fact they pray the role, yet they do not take the position of a priest for spiritual direction, because professional counsellors do this as their job and not from the point of view of faith, they do it as a means of securing their daily bread. Therefore, as we celebrate the 2nd Sunday of Year A ordinary time we are all called to discern the will of God through prayer, spiritual guidance, word of God and through learning from others.

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