1.Isa 25:6-10
2.Philp 4:12-14, 19-20
3.Mt 22: 1-14

THEME OF THE READINGS " We are invited to the banquet not to a funeral"

As we celebrate the 28th Sunday of the year, we are all invited to reflect on our call as Christians and more so as followers of Jesus who is inviting us today to partake in his banquet. The readings to day are reflecting the nature, and the call of each one of us in responding to what God is calling us to fulfill in our mission. The Israel being the chosen nation refuses the invitation of God to partake in his banquet. The refusal to accept the invitation of God is not the end of the mission. As we hear from the parable Jesus is giving us today, we are told that those who had been invited and thus refused an invitation are left free to decide, furthermore, we see that the one prepared a banquet gives an opportunity to those who were not prepared, and more so, those who were not invited at the banquet. We can pose this question to ourselves that " who were those who were not invited at the banquet?" Those who were not invited at the banquet are the ones considered to belong not in the same family of those who were invited and then refused the offer. By making the comparison between the parable and the other parts of the scripture we come to understand that those who were not invited were those considered to be sinners and gentiles, those who by origin were not Jews, but rather were people of the nations. We learn a lesson that whatever we are called to work for the sake of God's Kingdom, is not a guarantee that we are worthy than others, there those who have not yet been given the same opportunity we are given,yet when given the same opportunity they can perform better even than our selves. An opportunity never comes twice, let us utilize the opportunity we are given in fulfilling the mission of Christ.

From the Gospel we hear also that even those who were not invited, we hear some of them after having attended at the banquet, some were found having no wedding garment, and at the master's of the banquet surprise, he is questioning how did they get inside the banquet venue without having the weeding garment? with this in mind what can the wedding garment be compared to? The wedding garment can be compared to the responsibilities and duties we are assigned to do in the church of Christ. In the church everybody has been assigned a particular responsibility to be fulfilled. The only condition Jesus requires to have, is to live very life himself lived. In this context, we have to make a distinction between  a cheap grace and costly grace, a Lutheran Pastors and theologian in Germany who died for his faith under Hitlers Nazi rule made a sharp contrast between the two; 1.Cheap grace is the grace we bestow on ourselves.... the preaching without repentance....grace without cross of Christ etc, 2.while Costly grace is the gospel that must sought and sought again, that's to live the very life of Christ,  in this we are invited to live life of faith in Christ, to live a life of reconciliation, to live the sacramental life of the church, especially the life expressed in love, charity and faith ( Theological virtues). 

Whoever is ready to fulfill this demand, that's to live the life of faith in Christ, sacramental life etc, is deemed to partake at the table of the Lord regardless of his/ her nationality, tribe, race, and religion. The Call of Christ to us is not for few, but rather it for all who are prepared and ready to embrace his mission. Let us have this idea in our mind that by virtue of our baptism, whenever we are called to carry out our duties in Christian way of life and fail to do it because of selfish motives and pride, thus we will be counted responsible in refusing this call from God. In God there is a room for improvement, if we will be given that opportunity for improvement and again we fail to accomplish that goal, thus the offer will be given to others who are willing to obey to the call of God.

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