1.Is 5:1-7

THEME OF THE SUNDAY " The vineyard of the Lord"

The Church is the vineyard of the Lord planted planted for a noble and for productive purpose. Every Christian in the church of God is invited to bear good fruits. like laborers in the vineyard we are all invited to work tirelessly. Our God is God who trusts his workers. In God we find freedom to do whatever we feel to do in his vineyard. God creates the possibilities for work, fruitfulness and success for us too. We should put this question before us that do we recognize many opportunities God gives us daily in the church? have we experienced the freedom that God gives us daily?Have responded responsibly to what God has called us to do?or we are like tenants who were employed yet they could not fulfill their duty?
The first reading from the book of Prophet Isaiah echoes this fact, the friend of Isaiah owns a fertile hillside, he spades it, he clears it of stones plants the choicest vines, builds the traditional watchtower, installs the typical wine press and then he anticipates excellent and abundant harvest. What he gets instead are wild grapes. We feel the pain of un requited love in the second half of the reading of the book of Isaiah

From the readings we learn about the patience and tolerance of God. Despite the fact that tenants who had been working in the vineyard of the Lord were not faithful, yet God gave them an opportunity to repent. Likewise, every baptized christian has been called to work in the vineyard of God, the church, in the church we have been given many opportunities, more especially on using our abilities and talents for the sake of God's Kingdom. We have got a lot of opportunities in our church to day to ensure that the church of God here on earth flourishes 

As the chosen people of Israel rejected Jesus, yet another opportunity is given to those who were not privileged, the gentiles are also given a room to work in the vineyard of God. Jesus faced a lot of opposition including rejection, suffering and death. Likewise, in our church we anticipate to undergo the same fate, as followers and ministers of Christ when we experience mockery, rejection and suffering should not be something new in our mission as Jesus himself undergone the same fate. 

Every body will be counted responsible for his/ her contribution in the church of God. The room for improvement is given for everybody. Faith and freedom are key freely given gifts from God for the sake of making his vineyard flourish. The responsibility for each and every body in the church of Christ is to bear fruits. The fruits will be an outcome of the planted gift of faith and freedom in our hearts. Love, humility, generosity, and compassion are the fruits of the planted gift of faith in our hearts. We are all invited to reflect on this parable of the tenants and the vineyard owner. We are all reminded to avoid the misuse of freedom,when God gives us this gift He leaves us free  to decide on our own, yet at the end every body will judge himself/herself the way he/ she used that gift for the sake of the Kingdom of God.

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