" How are we prepared?"
It happened that someone had a dream whereby he was being chased by a lion while being running away to escape it he encountered a tiger in front coming towards him, so what could be a solution for him?? on my view I think a solution for him was to awake from the bed since a dream is never a reality of what is happening out there.

Or in our lives we encounter different types of preparations because we are waiting for someone to come or something to happen in our lives. Normally we spend a lot of money and energy for these preparations in accordance with our capacities. We are very about these to come or to happen. However here we are being challenged that how many of us are always awake and being prepared for our own death so that we can enter in the Kingdom of God. We need always to be awake.

Today is the first Sunday of Advent. Advent as you know, means "coming." In our gospel today, it speaks about watchfulness and preparation on our part.

Dear brothers and sisters what are we waiting for? What are we preparing for? What are we looking for? Are we looking for a miracle? If we are waiting for Christ to be born, He was already born two thousand years ago. He is our savior and our brother too. If we are waiting for the Holy Spirit to dwell among us, He is already in us but we do not recognize His presence and role in our lives. If we are waiting the Church to be born, the Church is already born, the Church is already in our midst. If we are waiting for the faith, God gives everything to us. The really challenging question for us is what are we waiting for? Every Sunday, we attend Mass, we pray and have our own Novena. We receive the body of Christ and Christ becomes a part of us. However, after the mass we return to our old habits. What God is looking from us is a changed way of life, a new direction and a renewed life. A life by which we can see the face of Christ in other people especially the lowly. As Christ said: " What do you do to the least brothers you do it unto me."

To be awake, therefore, is to live a life of faithful service to the Lord, following the Lord's commands and abiding in his grace. In fact, our gospel story is story  today is followed by the Parable of the Wise Servant who faithfully carries out his master's instructions while his master is on a journey. His master returns unexpectedly and finds the servant still following  the instructions he gave him. In the same way, there is no better way for us to ready ourselves for the unexpected coming of the Lord at the end of time than faithfully carrying  out his commands in our daily lives.

We can ask ourselves that  why is it futile for us to run about in search of a calendar for the end-times and the Lord's coming? Because actually the great Day of the Lord can overtake us individually any day, any time. The day we die is the day we appear before God. The challenge here is that why should I be stockpiling for the day of the Lord in two or three years time when I am not even sure tomorrow? for everyone of us there is an individual Day of the Lord, the day we appear in personal  judgment before God and there is the general Day of the Lord, the day of general judgment of all humankind. The Day of the Lord is as near to each of us as the day of our death, which could be any day.

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Chapisha Maoni