1Timoth 2: 1-8
Gospel: Luke 16:1-13

                   " Being honest, a key success to God's Kingdom"

There was an interview in a certain business company, a businessman who was the head of that business company interviewed three applicants for a job. As the test, he asks: " If you divide six by two, what's the result?" " Three answered the first applicant. He was not hired for being too honest. " Two," answered the second applicant. Again, he was not hired because he was dishonest and for being an ignorant fool.  The third applicant answered, " Sir, if I were to divide six between you and me, I would rather give you four and take two, myself." He was hired for being clever.

In the gospel we hear the story about the dishonest steward being accused of squandering the money of his boss. When he sensed that he is about to be fired out, what he did was to call all  as those who had debts with his boss to his own advantage and reduced their bills as much as fifty percent discount. Those percentages that he reduced, in my reflection could be his own commission or his own profit. He clearly reasoned out that after he would be fired out, there would be people who would take care of him because of their gratitude to him. He is called good and clever because he foresaw the necessity of his future.

There is an interesting story about a very rich woman who died and went to heaven. St. Peter escorted her down a magnificent street on which each house was beautifully made like a palace. The wealthy woman saw one house that was particularly beautiful and asked about who lived in that house. " That," St. Peter answered,  " is the home your helper." " well," the woman said smiling," If my helper gets a place like that, I certainly look forward to seeing a palace home for myself." " Let us see Peter answered her back. Soon they came to a narrow alley where the houses were small and cramped. " You will live in that hut," said St. Peter, pointing with his finger.

"Me, live in that shanty? That is an insult!" retorted the wealthy woman. " This is the best we can do for you," Peter said. " You must understand that we only build your home up here with the materials you send ahead while you are still on earth. And so now is the time that we send materials ahead of us in the afterlife to be built as or heavenly home. These materials are not the physical construction materials that we can buy in a construction supply company. These materials are not just prayers and acts of charity, but doing the day-to-day ordinary work in an extraordinary way. It means consciously performing your duties well, whether you are a lawyer, a government official, a teacher, a student, a policeman or an ordinary citizen.

The second characteristics of a steward is that he is trustworthy. Jesus does not tolerate unfaithfulness. Like for example, for a Christian there are no white lies, he is always truthful. If we have learned not to use hurting words or laugh language against people, we will not be tempted to use hurting words or rough language against people we will not be tempted to use violence. As Jesus said: " The person who is trustworthy in very in a very small matters is also trustworthy in great ones,"(v.10).

Sometimes in the past in one of the provincial hospitals in Kenya there was a physician who was connected with the provincial hospital. Nevertheless, he is known also to own a funeral parlor. He really met the market demand of the provincial hospital but he also suffered a serious problem of his credibility due to conflict of interest.

The last characteristics of a steward is he has focus. The term used by Jesus to refer to us is that of a slave. As we all know that a slave has no right. He is totally obedient to his master. Therefore there is no part-time or sometimes disciples but only full-time disciples. So let us give one hundred percent of ourselves to God above all.

From the readings let us understand  what controls or rules our lives? Who is the master( or ruler) in charge of our life? Our master is that which governs our though-life, shapes our ideals and controls the desire of the heart and the values we chose to live by. There is always one master alone who has the power to set us free from the slavery of sin and addiction. The Master is the Lord Jesus Christ.

From the gospel we also learn a lesson that we should not  only invest in terms of material things in this world but above all let us invest for eternal life. Jesus said: " I tell you, make friends for yourselves  with dishonest wealth so that when it fails, you will be welcomed into eternal dwellings."(v9).  I think these words of Jesus could be reworded as follows: " And I tell you, make friends for yourselves by means of worldly worth so that when it is gone, they may welcome you into the eternal homes." In other words, let us share of what we have for others. To make friends by means of worldly wealth requires one to perform acts of charity by helping the needy with physical items such as food, clothing and furniture. Those who have been helped will remember their donors. Those who receive alms become your friends because your are merciful to them in their time of need, just as God is merciful to you in your need for his forgiveness and help and welcome you into eternal home.

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