1. Acts 2:1-11
2.1Cor 12:3-7,12-13
Gospel: John 20:19-23

           " To be empowered by the Holy Spirit in our missions"

It happened that a young girl went to market on her bicycle in order to buy something. However there was simply no place to park in her bicycle. So the young girl went to a nearby church and made a request to the parish priest if she could park her bicycle on the parish compound. The priest granted the permission without any hesitation.

" Is it safe here, Father?" the girl asked the priest and concerned that someone might steal her bicycle." Of course," said the priest. " The Holy Spirit will keep watch over your bike. But first, let's go inside the church and pray."

They all knelt down and made the sign of the cross, however the young girl said: " In the name of the Father and of the Son. Amen." The priest interrupted her. " You forgot the last part, ' and of the Holy Spirit daughter?"
The young girl replied: " We should not disturb the Holy Spirit. He is watching over my bike!"

Today as we celebrate the Pentecost Sunday we are invited to meditate that the Holy Spirit does not keep watch solely over bicycles. Rather, He keeps watch over everything and everyone especially over the disciples( including ourselves) whom Jesus leaves behind as He returns to the Father. At the Last Supper, Jesus tells them that He will send a gift from the Father, the greatest of all gifts and that is the Holy Spirit.

It is apparent that the Bible tells us that fifty days after exodus, Moses received Ten Commandments from Yahweh at Mt. Sinai. Yahweh presented these to His people and the people pledged faithfulness to all that Yahweh expected of them. We Christians, celebrate Pentecost fifty days after the resurrection of Jesus. It is the Feast of the Holy Spirit and the Birth of the Church since Jesus sent His Spirit over the disciples to empower them to live by His word. That is why today we are celebrating the Solemnity of Pentecost or the giving and coming of the Holy Spirit as a gift from the Risen Lord. Pentecost means in Greek as 50th day that is the 50th day after Easter or the Resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead.

The Holy Spirit was already given to the disciples when Jesus appeared to them after the resurrection. He breathed on them the Holy Spirit by saying: "Receive the Holy Spirit.......do not be afraid that what happened to Jesus Christ might also happen to them. It was only after 50 days that the apostles finally realized that the Holy Spirit did, indeed, descend upon them and they became courageous.

During our Baptism and Confirmation we too received the Holy Spirit. The question is why does he not change our lives as He changed that of the apostles? Why do we behave in many ways like pagans as if we have never received the Holy Spirit? I guess because the Holy Spirit inspires us to do good things but in the long run it's up to us to accept, ignore and reject His promptings.

Let us put this question before us that, who is the Holy Spirit? We know that the Holy Spirit is the Third person of the Blessed Trinity. He is the Love of the Father and the Son, present within God the Father and God the Son from all eternity. When we want to describe Him, however, we meet difficulties for we cannot see Him. Originally, the Holy Spirit was called as the Holy Ghost. Today people say, "Holy Spirit". The word "ghost" comes from Anglo-Saxon "gast" which was also developed into "gust" and that is what it means..... a violent flurry of wind: the Ghost of Wind that will swing us around to look on God and then moves in a different direction.

Before the world was created, a strong wind blew over the water. There was no life yet on earth; nevertheless the earth was covered by God's presence. Even though we do not see the Holy Spirit, we are aware that He is at work in our lives. We cannot see the wind and do not know where it comes from or where it is going but we see its effects: the leaves of the tree rustle in the breeze, trees are toppled by its fury, the wind gives speed to a sailboat and produces sound when blown into a musical instrument.

The problem with us is that we easily become not aware that the Holy Spirit is right inside us now! thus nothing changes in our life. It is not the power of the Holy Spirit that dominates us. It is a different power. What are these powers?

First and foremost is the power of money. Many would say that you could buy everything through money. Even people can be bought by money. Practically this happens during election. Money is a force that moves people even if they do not like it.

Second is the power of gun. Many countries keep and make weapons in the name of balance of power.

The power of politics. At times personally I end up being confused when I ask this question to myself that  why are there so many run for public position. All in the name of service but deep inside, it is not. It is because once we are already in position, you can have power and influence. We are so fascinated with power of politics that we invite big government officials like governors, chiefs, and police commissioners to act as sponsors to weddings and baptisms of our children.
The big role of the Holy Spirit in us is always forgotten. It is the Holy Spirit who leads us as sinners to repentance in order to be in communion again with God. It is the Holy Spirit who enlighten us in order to bear witness to the truth of the Gospel. He is the One who turns the Bread  and Wine into the Body and Blood of Christ and many more. He does not give us new teachings but explaining to us the teachings of Jesus Christ.


" Come, Holy Spirit, fill the hearts of your faithful and en-kindle in them the fire of your love. Send forth your Spirit and they shall be created and you shall renew the face of the earth."

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