1.Isaiah 62:1-5
2.1Corinthians 12:4-11
3.Gospel: John2:1-11

The First Miracle, Fruit of loving concern

Dear friends in Christ, today we celebrate the second Sunday year B ordinary time. I invite you to journey together in our readings reflections and meditations.

In our Sunday's readings today more especially from the gospel according to John the evangelist we hear the miracle of changing water into wine that took place in Cana where wedding was done. In the gospel this miracle is called a sign. Signs, of themselves, don't do anything. A sign, pointing to Nairobi or elsewhere cannot compel me to go to Nairobi. A stop sign won't stop me, if I choose to keep on going. The idea is to read the sign, know what it means, and follow what it says.
Every miracle in the gospel is a sign, and each of those signs is intended for us here, right now. People on a treasure hunt follow the signs, and one sign leads to the next. 

The gospels teach a whole way of life and of living, If I choose to follow the directions they give me. God will never be forceful to drag me where He wants me to go, rather He gives me freewill, and directions to follow. God will show me the way and invite me to follow. The servants in today's gospel had only to do exactly what Jesus told them, and he took care of the rest. Today's gospel is well worth reflecting on, and it can give much material for prayer.

The devotion to our Mother Mary for her intercessions

Ask Mary to look within your heart, and see what is missing there. Then ask her to go to Jesus and obtain you are lacking, may be you are lacking peace, love, and so on. Thinking of Mary as she is seen in today's gospel can help greatly in developing a very real and practical relationship with her.
Whatever you have is enough. Stop comparing yourself with others. Comparison breeds contempt. For instance if you are in a wheelchair, and can do nothing for yourself, then let Jesus have whatever little you have and out of that He will do the rest. Your little and silent prayer for others could be the most powerful influence for good. There is not one person in this church today who doesn't have the material out of which God can work miracles for others. God our loving father normally uses whatever little we have to produce an abundance.

The Language of gestures

The wedding story at Cana suggests something more. The waters can only be tested as wine when it is drawn out- following Jesus' command -of six large stone water jars used by the Jews for their purification. The religion of the law is written on the stone tablets is worn out; there is no water capable of purifying human beings. That religion needs to be freed by the love and the life that Jesus communicates. We can't evangelize just any old way. In order to communicate the transforming power of Jesus, words aren't enough: gestures are needed. We need to bring about the sign that Jesus did with creative fidelity in order to interject the joy of a God who brings happiness to the hard life of those peasants.

There were 6 big Jars of water ( about 30gallons each) which were prepared for the purification rituals set for the visitors. A visitor might pass through a gentile soil so the dusts on their feet were unclean, so they have to wash them before entering  the reception hall. In this context water is always associated with Baptism and wine into the suffering of Christ. The baptismal of John was good but the blood of Christ that takes away our sins is far better. Sacrament of Baptism is good because it cleanses our souls from sins but sharing the fruits of our sweat and blood to the poor is better. In the waters of baptism we confess our faith, but just believing in God is not enough. We need to turn our own " waters of faith" into our " wine of charity" to the poor and the needy.

Furthermore, Jesus turned 6 Jars of water into wine. Can you imagine a big amount of wine that Christ supplied to them ( 6 Jars x 30 gallons= 180 gallons of wine) towards the end of the party.  This was far beyond than what they needed to sustain the celebration. May be they needed only 1 Jar just to finish up the celebration. Jesus gave more than what they needed. Christ's blood is more than enough for our salvation. His grace is far more than our sins. We need only forgiveness, however, God did not only forgive us but he goes as far as loving us until the cross. So be it with our lives. We should not only simply forgive persons who longed us, we should learn how to give even more than that. Let's offer them our sweetest love that's coming from within.

When should the best wine be offered?

The best wine should be offered at the beginning of the wedding, however it was offered at the end. Wine represent  the covenant of God with man. The " wine of New testament" tastes better than the first wine( the wine of Old Testament covenant),because it is " fermented" by Christ's blood. The same is true with marriage. You might have the " sweetest wine" during your wedding, but good weddings do not guarantee a perfect marriage life. The best taste of "wine" in marriage is best tasted towards the end, when you are celebrating your 25th or 50th anniversary of marriage. Let us keep working and be patient with our dreams, remember that the best wine of God's blessings are well served at the end.

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