1.Acts 4:32-35
2.1John 5:1-6
3.John 20:19-31

Theme “Unless I see- I will not believe”
As we celebrate the 2nd Sunday of Easter the main call to each one of us is to have courage in believing even what we have not seen. Faith is not qualified through physical sensation, but rather faith consists in inner and personal conviction about things that we do hope yet they cannot be seen (Cf. Hebrew 11:1ff).
Throughout the readings of last week after Easter Sunday we have been hearing the series of Jesus’ appearance to women and lastly to his disciples yet the disciples were still caught in their past memories to believe and being fearful to the Jewish authorities, thus they closed their inner self( hearts) to believe about the resurrection of Jesus. Today in our readings we hear Jesus again appearing to the disciples and giving them an assurance to continue his mission to the whole world. 
The disciples of Jesus after the events of Jesus, Passion, death and resurrection were terrified thus they locked themselves in their houses fearing to be arrested by the Jewish authorities, yet Jesus is appearing to them and is assuring them of peace, Jesus in giving peace to the disciples he meant them to have first and foremost the peace of mind and heart, he wanted them also to extend that peace to the ends of the earth. Jesus in saying “Peace be with you” to his disciples he meant reconciliation and forgiveness to his disciples who failed to believe about what he foretold them, (passion, death and resurrection). The disciples after that came to recognize that they were forgiven and thus were filled with the joy and the Holy Spirit. Having received this power to forgive, they are commissioned to extend the same power to the whole world. Having meditated on the gospel reading today, thus it is a call to each one of us to meditate how many times do we receive the sacrament of reconciliation? We are all invited to partake in this ministry of the sacrament of reconciliation.
As the disciples locked themselves in their hiding places, we can also find ourselves in a situation of those disciples locked in their hiding places, the challenge here is that have we unlocked our hearts to let the risen Jesus transform us and thus become new creatures through our baptismal commitment? Like the disciples in the gospel we can also find ourselves in a situation tempted to give up on our faith journey.
The will to self-preservation, will to power, and pride can be obstacles preventing us to welcome the risen Lord into our lives. The bad past memories are the obstacles that may make us to give up in our faith Journey. The gospel today suggests a way out for self imposed confinement, it suggests to each one of to let go all which seem to be the obstacles in following and welcoming the risen Lord in our life, if the testimony of Mary Magdalena concerning about the risen Lord is not yet accepted, yet we are given an opportunity again/ has not make any impact on us, then the risen Lord will find another way to get into our lives to fill us with new energy and strength for his service. Neither locked doors nor locked hearts will keep him out of our lives. The Lord is prepared to meet us in our own grounds be in the public offices, families, communities always the Lord is with us, and from there he will speak to us. The Lord is ever with us in places of fear, and uncertainties.
As Jesus being sent by the father on earth, likewise, he sends his disciples to continue the same mission father in heaven entrusted him. Jesus breathed the holy spirit in his disciples to give them strength, courage, power and joy to accomplish his mission.

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Chapisha Maoni