1.Ex 34:4b-6,8-9
2.2Cor 13:11-13
Gospel: 3:16-18

                               "The sharing of love."

We are told a story of a pope who wanted a portrait of God. So he called all the artisans of Rome. He told them that whoever could perfectly portray God on canvas would receive a papal Award.

The artisans gathered inside the Vatican work room and each one started to paint a portrait of God. They worked on their master pieces for several months except for one painter named Guisepe. Being old, Guisepe would fall asleep in front of his canvas while thinking how he would paint God.

Finally the time came when the Pope would judge their paintings. His Holiness toured the large gallery and looked at each paintings beside its artist. God was represented in many ways: An old loving mother, a Shepherd, a King on a Throne, a Crucified, a Dove and several other ways. Yet to the surprise of all, the Pope was not satisfied with any of the portrait. While the Pope rested on a corner, he heard Guiseppe snoring in front of his canvas. He went to the old painter and saw the empty canvas in front of him. With the loud voice the Pope exclaimed, ' this is the perfect portrayal of God.'  The cardinals, bishops and all the artisans gathered around His Holiness holding the canvas with nothing painted on it.
One of the cardinal said, " Your holiness, the canvas is empty and it has no portrait of God." "Exactly," the Pope said, "that is how God looks like- Indescribable!" ( Human mind is un able to describe God perfectly).

Dear brothers and sisters, today we are celebrating the most Blessed Holy Trinity Solemnity. Our Catholic faith teaches us that there is only one God but Three Divine Persons- God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit or Three in One!

It happens that there was a dialogue between a Muslim and a Catholic, their discussion was based on the doctrine of the blessed Trinity. The Muslim told the catholic that you catholics have so many Gods- God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit, "we express in the sign of the cross," the catholic said. The Muslim continued to say that the Bible teaches us to worship God alone and no other gods. The catholic told the Muslim : " In our Bible, the mathematics formula that we can find is not addition, but multiplication. In the sense that God said: ' Go into the world and multiply'. He did not say: ' Go into the world and minus!'" The catholic continued "so, 1x1x1=1. This is why, we have only One God but Three Divine Persons." But anyway, this is not the way on how to explain this mystery of the blessed Trinity, but we can use ways similar to this to explain the mystery of the blessed Trinity in simple and direct way.

How this Blessed Trinity be embodied in our lives as Christians? It is by following how the  Three divine persons show their care for us. In my own experience God is a parent to me. I know that out of nothingness He begot me.  From moment to moment, He reminds us of His sustaining and loving presence and that in every bit of creation, He nourishes us and continues to give us life.

The Holy Spirit as God is the very life within me, my every breath, the divine energy that burns within me, moving me to reach out and offer my pretty, little life or any part of this life to whoever may need, whenever and wherever it is needed. So both Jesus and the Spirit lead to the Father of us all- The God of Love.

All that and more is the meaning of God as Trinity. It is this God as Trinity whom we need most especially these days that we are experiencing crisis: political, economical, socio-cultural, religious, moral and especially too, our relationship with one another. But if we can only allow our Trinitarian God to cure the woundedness in our own hearts, may yet learn to really love one another as He loves us.

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