1.Ez 17:22-24
2.2Corinthians 5:6-10
Mark 4:26-34

In our today’s readings we hear about the Kingdom of God. We hear Jesus using the parable in the gospel explaining about the Kingdom of God. The nature of this Kingdom is found in our everyday life experiences though at times it difficult to recognize it. In the gospel we hear about the farmer planting seeds on the good soil of Galilee. After he had scattered seed all what he could do is to go about his other business, while the seeds grow into crops and be ready for harvest. In this parable the farmer does not know how does this happen. Between his action of sowing seeds and harvesting, in between something took place which the farmer did not know. The lesson is that in our world there are many things that take place which in fact we do not fully understand in spite of great expertise in diverse education fields.
Jesus begins with the statement, “this is what the kingdom of God is like.’ Jesus seems to be saying that if the farmer does not know the ways in which the humble seed grows, thus how can any of us fully know the ways of God? If growth in the natural world is mysterious, how much more mysterious is the growth of God’s kingdom? With the parable of seed growing secretly, Jesus also conveys a message of God’s kingdom that, the kingdom of God can be growing among us in a way we do not understand. The spreading and growing slowly of God’s kingdom is the work reserved for God, even if we do not see it or understand it. Nevertheless, all of us have got part to play. The first parable in the gospel warns us over estimating our role in whatever we do. The second reading from St. Paul’s letter has made it clear that “Neither the one who plants, nor the one who waters is anything, but only God who gives the growth.
The second parable in today’s gospel reminds us that God can be at work in situations and places that seem to be very unpromising to us. Being told about the mastered seed to grow into shrub whereby by the birds of the air come to make their nest under its shade is the reminder that insignificant beginnings can lead to a wonderful result. The kingdom of God often finds it expression initially on what is small and seemingly insignificant. Being challenged life situations and circumstances we can feel that our own faith is insignificant as small as mustard seed. Jesus is giving us an assurance that the spirit is working in through such faith however how little it is. Our efforts at times seem to be little; however, the parable assures us that the Lord will see to it that the final harvest from those efforts will be abundant.

In our every life experiences as we tend to interact with our brothers and sisters, we need to learn to appreciate little things and small gestures. We may not feel to be called heroes or martyrs everyday yet we are invited to display friendly gestures to our brothers and sisters however how little they are, example, welcoming smile to the loneliness, friendly gesture towards someone in trouble, and a sign of closeness for someone who is in despair. Thus God’s reign comes in power through the seemingly insignificant actions of each one of us. 

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Chapisha Maoni