1.Isaiah 52:7-10

Theme “ The birth of Jesus brings forth a glorious new identity as children of God”
Think of many ways God has reached out to us to communicate with us since the beginning. The climax of God communicating with us in the old testament was when God formed the covenant with Moses on Mount Sinai. God munisted Himself and joined us through the covenant.  But we still sinned, yet God raised up prophets, Prophet Hosea, God said that Israel has been like an unfaithful wife committing adultery by going after false gods. All through the centuries of the Old testament God pursued us like a lover but we had broken the covenant and God had to make a new unbreakable covenat with us, for this new covenant God would become flesh and be born like us, and shed blood in the person of Jesus to convice us once and for all to accept His invitation to be his people. Jesus being born among us was the climax of God reaching out to us, as we heard in the Gospel today “ the Word was made flesh, he lived among us, and we saw His Glory......”
To understand who really God his, to day we celebrate His incarnation. God is with us and He has become one of us, Emmanuel. “ At various moments in the past and by many means, God spoke to our ancestors through the prophets, but in our time, the final days, he has spoken to us in the person of his son.” ( Heb 1:1-2). Let’s allow the word of God to sink into our hearts.
Imagine Jesus, the son of God and our savoir  born in a stable and placed in a manger instead of in a cot, / in good clothes instead is place in a manger. This is a calling to each one of us that when God comes to us He comes in a mysterious manner to an extent that we do not understand His presence among us. He usually comes in humility, silently, and peacefully without causing a great disturbance. God coming into our lives is still a mystery, as He is revealing Himself through incarnation.
As we look on baby Jesus we think of the mystery of God’s love for us. We can pose this question to ourselves that why God who is almighty and all powerful did assumed a state of child, and powerless as the baby, it was because of his love for love, he wanted also to be united with us.
As we see baby Jesus in the manger we get an impression on God’s way of being a way of Gentleness and tenderness. God’s way is not one of violence, but gentleness. There is a lack of goodness and love in the World but God is tender and loving. As Christians when we reflect about the birth of Jesus in the manger we get the answers to our today’s problems. Instead of violence in baby Jesus born in a manger we see compassion, tenderness and gentleness. Instead of Hatred in baby Jesus we see love and unity.
The birth of child Jesus reminds us about the value of life, we are invited all to think about that, that the value of human life should be respected by all means, human life should be not violated by all forms of violence whatsoever. Every person from his/ moment of conception is valued as the human being so it’s under this context that every conceived human being has the right to be born and has the right to be protected. Thus our Lord Jesus Christ is coming to us in a simple way having a message to respect and protect those who are not yet born. We are invited not to let the world of materialism, positivism, liberalism, scientific experimentation on human life dominate our spirit in regard to respect human life and human dignity.
Let’s pray that peace may prevail in our families, our working places in our country and in the World at large. Let’s ask our Lord Jesus to become peace makers, and instruments of peace.

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Chapisha Maoni