1. Is 55:1-3
2. Rom 8:35.37-39
3. Mt 14:13-21


What can truly satisfies our deepest hunger and longing? In today's readings more especially from the Gospel Matthew the evangelist tells us that Jesus is the new Moses, the prophet expected by people and describes how Jesus retired into the desert followed by a great crowd of people. In the desert the people of Israel learnt to trust only in God. Jesus takes his disciples in the desert for the very reasons. They have to experience complete poverty, hunger and total dependence on God. Many were drawn to Jesus because they were hungry for God. Jesus' message of God's Kingdom, the signs and wonders he performed stirred  fresh hope and expectation that God was acting in a new and powerful way to set people free from sin and oppression  and to bring them blessing of his Kingdom

God never rests in caring for our needs. In the readings practically we are told that Jesus never abandon those who earnestly seek him. We see practical example in the miracle of the multiplication of breads. The multiplication of breads  is told and is running throughout  4 Gospels. It has indirect relation to the Eucharist, in other words this was the pre-figuration  of the sacrament of Eucharist. We learn that in our societies today we are being confronted by the challenges of life like high rate of unemployment, hunger, disease,economic fluctuations etc, yet if those people privileged to have good life, to have been employed in both government and private sectors, to have talents, abilities and time if will put to gather all what they have for the well being of the society thus the problems and evils confronting our societies today will be solved, moreover, it won't be quite different  from the example of the miracle of the multiplication of breads( We are encouraged to have a thought on the concept of community life, life of sharing whatever little we have in our pockets, and in our stores with our brothers and sisters who can't afford to have even one day meal).

Jesus is the life giver, he listens to his brothers and sisters yearning for both material and spiritual food. Jesus'compassion showed the depth of God's love and care for his people. Jesus spoke the word of God to strengthen them in faith and he healed many who were sick. Jesus in breaking and distributing  the loaves through his disciples, feeding the multitude is the sign that prefigures the super abundance of the unique bread of the eucharist/ Lord's supper which sustains us on our journey to the Kingdom of Heaven.

How does Jesus deal with the problem of hunger? Mathew the evangelist tells us, Jesus says that people who have no food are not to be sent away, his disciples must provide food for them. What really happen in our lives more especially in relation to our brothers and sisters? we always find some excuse or other to get rid of some brothers and sisters who bother us: We tend at times to say, " it is up to you, it's not my job to care for you, the government should provide for you etc" while at the same time we have an abundance, at times also we pose such a questions to ourselves that if I help this person thousand will come???( Fallacious thinking) What concrete action do we take to deal with the problems of survival  that afflict our brothers and sisters?

Jesus here offer us a solution that a community must hold in common all it has in order that the miracle may take place and food may be available for all. Only people when agree to share everything in common( Their abilities, talents and time). We are encouraged  to fight against selfishness and egoistic tendencies. We are encouraged to propagate the spirit of selfless love.

We learn also from the readings that the number of people that were fed is five thousand, which stands for the whole people of Israel.The bread is offered first of all to this people. After the people of Israel  have had its fill , there twelve baskets left over. Twelve stands for new people of God represented by twelve apostles. This people will never lack the new bread, that's Christ. There will be always something to distribute. What Jesus did must become a reality in his disciples too. Through disciples he feeds his people always and everywhere.

When we give/satisfy the hunger of brother or sister, we do repeat the gesture of Jesus who cares for us all. Can we receive the bread of heaven and at the same time not be willing to share our food with our brothers and sisters?? Thus if Christ satisfies our hunger, let's also satisfy  the hunger of those who are in need of our help either materially or spiritually.

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